Teacher Training

This training is available as a path to transformation, healing, renewal, spiritual growth, physical breakthrough and awakening passion.

Our goal is to really explore the question, “What is Yoga” through classic and contemporary texts and practices. Students will more likely walk away able to answer the question, “What is yoga to me.” This is a journey towards authenticity and wellness in the highest sense. Along with asana, pranayama, meditation and creative assisting we will explore a range of healing modalities that compliment and assert yoga as a lifestyle. It is my most sincere hope and prayer that this training will change lives, open doors and most importantly be a whole lot of fun!

The training will have a strong focus on traditional Hatha and Vinyasa practices. However, shorter modules will be offered to introduce students to other styles of yoga (ashtanga, Holy Yoga, restorative etc.) to create a more rounded understanding of how the different styles evolved and complement each other. Please understand that the same thing applies to this training as it does to life, you will most definitely get out of the training what you put into it. Practically speaking we will cover the following topics with varying degrees of emphasis:

- History, fundamentals and evolution of yoga
- Yogic Lifestyle (taking yoga “off the mat”)
- Core set of asanas including alignment, Sanskrit, modifications and variations
- Anatomy (basic, applied to asanas and for injury prevention)
- Ayurveda, raw food diet, cleansing, fasting and superfoods (no fasting required!)
- A variety of current styles of yoga and their origins
- Assisting asanas and use of props
- Meditation (different forms and techniques)
- Pranayama, the breathing exercises
- Business (models, ethics and marketing)
- Building a strong healthy body using healing foods and herbs
- The art of self care via hand made and individually tailored products
- Building a basic herbal material medica
- How to artfully and thoughtfully sequence classes for your own home practice and for your students
- Thoughtful preparation of playlists and an exploration of benefits/drawbacks of music during class)
- Modules including Ashtanga, creative flow to live music, Holy Yoga and more!
- Also, students may get to experience a beautiful day retreat with a community herbalist, yoga teacher and healer in Pittsboro

Downlaod our teacher training catalog, FAQ and application.



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